Top Dog Friendly Cities in U.S.

Dog owners differ from pet to pet – whether you are a metropolitan pup-owner or a down-home dog-owner who’s furry friend runs after chickens on the farm…Love for animals and pets can unite and inspire many different types of people. Today, modern pet owners are working together to create dog friendly events/shops/restaurants and more!

Thanks to * and, a list of 2009’s top 10 dog-friendly lists has been compiled. They took the % of dog-friendly housing, restaurants, events, parks, doggie daycares, etc. & came up with the top 10 cities for dog owners :

10- Ann Arbor, MI

9- Charleston, SC

8- Portland, OR

7- Washington, D.C.

6- Austin, TX

5- San Franciso, CA

4- Houston, TX

3- Boston, MA

2- Chicago, IL

1- New York, New York

How to make your town more dog friendly:

*Volunteer at your local shelter:

*Organize a dog wash:

*Donate to a local animal-related charity:

*Visit local hospitals/nursing homes with your pup:


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