Bamboo Pet Food Dishes

With all the recent scandals in plastic / metal containers and safety issues – you want to be sure your pets food dishes are both eco-friendly and safe!

*Certain types of plastic containers can leek a chemical called, BPA, into your food/water.

*Aluminum or metal containers often leech harmful chemicals into your food/water as well, even if they claim to have a protective “liner.”

Bamboo Pet Dish
Bamboo Pet Dish

One affordable and eco-friendly option comes from a surprising source – bamboo! This simple, cream-colored dish matches any decor and is great both food or water.

The eco-friendly bamboo is a durable material and this bowl is both microwave & diswasher safe! *Another eco-safe perk, it’s biodegradable! *How cool!*

Find the 6″ at online shops like, Petco, for around $6.

(Yes, they have an option for your feline friends too – Check out the eco-safe cat bowls in the same, earth-friendly bamboo.)


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