Fall Harvest Treats for Fido

EcoDog features fresh, healthy treats for your pup made with seasonally-inspired, local-first ingredients!

As the summer comes to a close, gardens are in full bloom and there is a bountiful supply of fresh veggies and fruit. EcoDog Pet Treats are handmade in the beautiful Columbia Gorge which is a long-standing farming community with a large local crop of delicious vegetables, fruits, farm-fresh eggs, local honey and even locally-milled flour, flax, oat and more.

Spinach is one of the upcoming fall harvest crops featured in EcoDog treats. {Green Crunch} treats pack the antioxidants, fiber and natural vitamins of this rich, leafy veggie, along with fresh green peas, green pea flour and heart-healthy flax seed.

EcoDog Vita Bone mix includes a mimic of the classic Yellow / Green / Red biscuit – style treats but instead, uses naturally nutritious and tasty ingredients!

*{Yellow Crunch} :  Turmeric / Ginger / Carrot

*{Green Crunch}:  Spinach / Green Pea / Flax

*{Red Crunch}:  Red Beet / Garbanzo / Flax

Visit our Online shop : ecodog.etsy.com

EcoDog offers a variety of healthy, handmade treats for your lucky pup! Don’t forget – you are what you eat! Choose the best for your dog too!


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