A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog!

Natural and Organic has gone to the dogs!

EcoDog brings you a healthy, new option for nutritious dog treats! EcoDog pet treats and handmade with vitamin-packed, natural ingredients that your pup is guaranteed to love!

EcoDog treats bring your dog that *crunch* it desires without the *crumble* you hate! Perfect for training treats, everyday rewards or a perfect pet-lover’s gift!

Visit the Online Shop:  ecodog.etsy.com


One thought on “A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your food cart favorites – waffles and grilled cheese. Sounds very yummy! I’m excited to find out about your dog treats. Might have to sample some for my adorable little cockapoo – a very picky treat eater indeed. Have you checked out a new online shopping paradigm at shopopensky.com? I just learned about it at a blogging conference. Might be another way to sell your products.

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