Fall Carrots in EcoDog Vita Bones!

Hooray for Fall!

What comes to mind when you think of Fall?

First, I usually start thinking color! Rich reds, yellows and oranges –

Then I go from rich colors to the rich & vibrant Fall veggies that surround me!! I can simply peek outside my window to my over-flowing garden or take a tour of the many local farms in the Columbia Gorge.  At EcoDog, we handmade fresh, healthy treats with seasonal and locally-inspired ingredients.  Our Vita Bones mimic the classic red, green, yellow milk-bone style biscuits but instead, replace the ingredients with fresh, nutritious ingredients you can feel good about feeding your pup!

Autumn, cool weather is the perfect condition for growing late-season Carrots!  We are seeing a large harvest of rich, colorful carrots grown locally in the Columbia Gorge and Washington state area. Carrots are a perfect ingredient for our {Yellow Crunch} Vita Bones – because they add natural vitamins like C, A and B. Carrots are also high in fiber, folic acid and very beneficial for eyesight!  Carrots are paired with fresh grated ginger, organic turmeric, flax seed and other natural ingredients to create our {Yellow Crunch} Vita Bone! EcoDog treats offer a healthy option for tasty treats – your dog will love the *crunch* without the *crumble*!

Visit our Online Shop: www.ecodogstore.etsy.com

to browse Vita Bone treat jars and pre-Holiday specials!!

(*Another reason we are Thankful for Fall at EcoDog – cool weather means comfortable baking weather! ~Whew! It can get warm in front of a hot oven!)

~Allie {Baker, Dog Owner, EcoGirl Extraordinaire}



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