Pre-Season Holiday Sale!

EcoDog Pet Treats are the perfect gift for any lucky pup or dog owner this Holiday season!  Handmade with high-quality, fresh ingredients EcoDog offers a treat you can feel good about feeding your dog!

Handmade treats are inspired by seasonal and local ingredients – using farm-fresh eggs, hand-chopped veggies, fresh fruits and more!

EcoDog Vita Bones mimic the classic Yellow, Green & Red milk-bone style treats but instead of fillers, are packed full of naturally nutritious, fresh ingredients! {Yellow Crunch} features farm-fresh carrots, fresh-grated ginger, turmeric and flax seed; {Green Crunch} is full of hand-chopped spinach, garden-fresh peas, and flax seed; {Red Crunch} is a doggie delight with nutritious red beets, sunflower seeds and garbanzo flour. Vita Bones are a fun, festive treat for this 2010 Holiday Season! Available in eco-friendly, recycled mason jars with adorable Holiday fabric decoration and raffia style bow.

Shop Online:

Browse our selection of quality, handmade treats – the perfect gift option for 2010 Holiday season!


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