National Peanut Day Sept. 13th

Did you know…September 13th is known as National Peanut Day??

Make today the nuttiest day of the year by adding protein-rich peanuts to your daily diet!  Add to an english muffin with breakfast, opt. for the classic PB&J for lunch or maybe a spicy Thai peanut sauce with dinner?

When it comes to eating…you choose the best for yourself – don’t forget about your four-legged friend! It’s just as important to choose organic, healthy & naturally-nutritious foods for you pup as well.  EcoDog makes this easy with vitamin-packed treats like: Healthy Harvest bones, SuperStar Peanut Crunch and more EcoDog treats are handmade with high-quality, fresh ingredients you can trust & feel good about!

Browse the EcoDog store for availability varieties and seasonally-inspired creations:

Peanut Health Facts

*High-Energy Snack

*Helps Lower LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and increase HDL (“healthy cholesterol”)-increasing heart health and general well-being

*High in Vitamin E

(Visit for more health and food related facts…)

->A special Thanks to Etsy member, “hollynsage“, who included EcoDogStore in their online Etsy treasury! Visit the “It’s Really National PEANUT Day” treasury, celebrating todays nutty national holiday by featuring handmade Etsy items that are peanut-related! (Silver peanut necklace featured above by Etsy seller, “terminy“)

*Don’t forget to visit the EcoDogStore, where SuperStar Peanut Crunch is featured on Pre-Holiday SALE!!

~Allie {Baker, Dog Owner, EcoGirl Extraordinaire}


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