Antioxidants Link Dogs to Long, Happy Life

It has been shown in humans that natural antioxidants are a strong boost of rich vitamins that can not only help lengthen your life but improve immunity, reduce cancer risks, increase energy and overall well-being. Is it true that dogs would benefits from antioxidants too? Of course! Dogs bodies need most of the same essential vitamins and nutrients as humans but often are lacking them in traditional doggie diets!
How can you increase antioxidants in your pups daily routine?  If you’re dog isn’t getting fresh veggies or fruits, a great option is to include naturally nutritious treats like EcoDog pet treats! EcoDog treats are packed full of fresh, quality fruits and vegetables that are high in natural antioxidants.  Many of EcoDog treats include organic, farm-fresh carrots, which are high in beta-carotene, which is not only a natural antioxidant, but also beneficial for eyesight and more.

EcoDog treats with carrots,flax,ginger & turmeric
EcoDog treats with carrots,flax,ginger & turmeric

*Look for Seasonal specials from EcoDog that include seasonally-inspired treats with fresh ingredients like: blueberries, kale, yams, green peas and more.

Even if you do include fresh vegetables into your dogs diet, it is still a good idea to supplement with beneficial nutrients that will boost your dogs natural well-being, build immunity and lead to a long, happy life!

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