Health Benefits of Whole Wheat

True or False? Dogs are allergic to Whole Wheat.

False. Most dogs show no signs of allergic reaction to whole wheat and can benefit from the high levels of natural vitamins inside high-quality whole wheat!

*When considering your pets health and allergies, look closely at the quality of products you are feeding your pet – lower quality/cheaper alternatives often add “natural/organic” ingredients that are the low-end of the food & nutrition scale. Read the label and be sure your pet products promote high-quality ingredients and support local and organic first.

Whole wheat is a whole grain containing 3 parts – the bran, germ & endosperm. Once refined, wheat is stripped of the complete essential nutrients and so, this is why wheat is better than white flour as far as natural vitamin content!

Whole wheat is beneficial for your health for several reasons:
*Fiber-rich; prevents gallstones
*Vitamin E, Zinc, Folate

*Magnesium; improves colon/digestive health
*Lowers cholesterol/reduces risk for heart disease
*Encourages balanced metabolism/weight control
*Vitamin B and more…
EcoDog is a handmade, healthy pet treat company offering high-vitamin treats including naturally nutritious whole wheat.  Visit the full EcoDog site to browse the selection of healthy dog treats :


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