Sweet Yam Dog Cookies Celebrate Autumn

Fall is here! EcoDog is celebrating by baking up limited edition batches of their Seasonal Special, Sweet Yam Dog Cookies!

EcoDog treats are all handmade with hi-quality, farm-fresh ingredients that your pup is sure to love! Both of my dogs go nuts for ’em and know right where I keep the treat jar. 🙂 Every neighbor or friend I’ve given EcoDog treats as gifts – have simply wanted more!

Taster Testers :)
EcoDog Taste Testers

These adorable pumpkin-shaped dog cookies are handmade with fresh Yams from the Columbia Gorge. Sweet yams are paired with protein-packed sunflower seeds, unbleached whole-kernel wheat and ground garbanzo beans to form a tasty seasonal snack or reward for one lucky pup!

Online shopping at :  www.ecodogstore.com

Adorable, pumpkin-shaped Sweet Yam Dog Cookies just in time for Autumn!
These healthy, EcoDog pet treats are handmade with hi-quality, farm-fresh ingredients you can trust! If you are what you eat – feed your furry friend the best to your furry friend too!

*Did you know….Yams can help lower blood pressure, control hypertension, aid digestion, prevent serious heart conditions and stroke. Sweet yams are a must-have, vitamin-packed veggie this autumn season!

*The tips of these cute Dog Cookies are dusted with ~organic spinach powder~ for a green “stalk” accent.

Visit the online shop for the full EcoDog treat selection: www.ecodogstore.com


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