Flea Free & Staying Green

Still dealing with late season fleas but want to stay green? EcoDog has dug up several eco-safe options for bathing your dog & helping to rid your house & hound of pesky fleas!

Rosemary sprig
Rosemary sprig

*Certain essentail oils are shown to scare off fleas naturally – look for products including: cedar, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, lavender or citrus.

*Natural flea spray: steep lemon quarters overnight and then spritz on pets neck, armpits and lower back to help repel fleas.

Citrus spray can be an effective topical solution
Citrus spray can be an effective topical solution

*Diatomaceous earth, a fossilized pest repellent, can be sprinkled around the yard or edge of your house to prevent fleas from coming inside.

->Flea Free 101: Vacuumm frequently & don’t forget cracks & corners where fleas will hide!

->Adding Garlic into your dogs diet may help to ward off fleas but be careful as to the amount. 1-3 cloves max. daily minced and mix in with food.

->Bathing Tip: Since fleas will run for the high hills, aka your dogs head, once you start to wash – start your dogs bath by placing a “barrier” of shampoo or a ring around its neck – start the scrubbing from there down to force fleas down the drain rather that up & off your pups head!

Keep up with your flea control routine to prevent eggs & future outbreaks. You can stay flea free with proper precautions & maintenence!


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