Custom Pet Tags by BowWowzerZ

EcoDog loves to dig up hot new handmade items like the cool, custom pet tags and toys by BowWowzerZ! “EcoGirl extraordinaire”, Allie, was lucky to snag a few crafty insights from the BowWowzerZ team as well as fun pup-related Eco-Tips!

BowWowzerZ is an online shop featuring the absolute coolest in custom and seasonal pet tags and toys! BowWowzerZ is ready for Fall with a full line for HOWLoween including Fangs, Black Widows, Zombie, Ghosts and more!

One of my favorite things about BowWowzerZ pet tags is the range of colors and styles to express any pooch just perfectly! Browse online at:

“Behind the Scenes” with BowWowzerZ:

*How many pets do you have?

I have two black labs, one of whom I adopted and the other is a long term foster for a local dog rescue that I work with. I also have three very naughty kitties, who like to “help” me when I work.

*When did you first start creating pet tags?

We started making tags about 2 years ago, before that we were strictly organic treats and collars, we still make the collars but sell them mostly locally. We’ve given up the treats to those who have more time and baking skill.

*What are a few of your favorite designs?

My personal favorites are the hello my name is, the I’m with Stupid, and the eye chart that reads if you can read this I will lick you. I am always getting inspired by having conversations with people though and I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas.

*Any favorite eco-friendly tips you can offer?

Look for dog products that can be recycled or are created from repurposed materials. Examples might be an be old climbing rope upcycled into a leash, an old skateboard made into a dog feeder, or possibly aluminum dog tags that can be put in with your aluminum cans when it has lived through its life cycle.

*Besides, what are 2 other sites you most often visit? & are two of my favorite dog sites.

*BowWowzerZ not only offers custom pet tags but also fun, handmade pet toys for kittens too! Don’t forget to visit the site –

For EcoDog shopping on Etsy, visit or stop by the full site at:

-Allie {Baker, Dog Owner, EcoGirl Extraordinaire}


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