Water Saving Eco-Tip

Want a simple way to save water & keep your floor puddle free? Raise your pet dishes with an ergonomic, handmade pet feeder!

*Not only will you save water by minimizing spills but you also help your dogs natural digestive process when you choose the appropriate height feeder. (When choosing the right height feeder, try placing food bowls on a stack of books & measuring the height where you dog does not have to strain up or down to reach.)

->Better posture

->Cleaner floor; Less spills

->Easier swallowing, Digestion & less Bloating

->Great for dogs of all ages; Ease daily activity for older pups

->Less straining for you when you refill food/water bowls

EcoDog Blog has found a few options for the eco-chic pup who wants to support handmade/eco-friendly products…We posted two of our favorites below:

Wire Feeder by Bacon Square Farm Handmade Wire Feeder by Bacon Square FarmHandpainted by ZumoNon-Toxic, Eco-Friendly & Handpainted by Zumo

For more eco-friendly and handmade pet feeders, visit the handmade mecca, etsy.com.

EcoDog SuperStar Treats

P.S. – Don’t forget to stop by the Treat Shop! Visit the EcoDogStore.Etsy.com to browse handmade pet treats and eco-friendly dog toys.


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