HOWLoween Top 10 Dog Costumes

HOWLoween is coming soon!! Do you know what your dog is dressing up as?? Personally, my big dogs won’t do costumes, but my props to those who can get their pup to hold a pose!

In the spirit of HOWLoween, EcoDog Blog has dug up the TOP 10 DOG COSTUMES of 2010!



#10 - Dino Dog Costume
"Dino Dog" *Super Deal! Under $20!*




"My Lil Monkey"
"My Lil Monkey" *Only $22!*




"Turkey Dog"
"Turkey Dog" *Double-duty for Thanksgiving too!*




"Cow Dog"
"Cow Dog" *Mooove over for this b&w cutie!*




"Hot Diggity Dog"
"Hot Diggity Dog" *HOT DEAL! Under $12!*





"Barkenstein" *Creepy but still super Cute!!*




"Prince Charming"
"Prince Charming" *Who wants a kiss from Prince Charming?*





"Scary Spidey Paws"
"Scary Spidey Paws" *Watch out for this Cuddle Bug!*




"Taco Dog"
"Taco Dog" *Aye Chihuaua! It's so Adorable!!*


And the #1 Costume for 2010 is….



"Lil' Stinker"
"Lil' Stinker"


What better way to blend in while trotting around the neighborhood this HOWLoween?! This “Lil’ Stinker” skunk costume has topped our 2010 dog costume list!

*The costumes pictured above are featured from the following online shops:

Mr & Mrs Dog; GlamourDog;  & PawstoGo

Visit their full online sites for more shopping or click on your favorite costume above to go straight to the shopping page.

Is your dog dressing up this HOWLoween? Add you Comment Below –


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