Upcycled Feeders by Skate Dog Studios


Skateboard Pet Feeders by SkateDogStudios
Skateboard Pet Feeders by SkateDogStudios


EcoDog is always looking to dig up new eco-hip products and this one skated to the top of the list!

Skate Dog Studios creates unique pet feeders by upcycling skateboards into functional bowl holders! EcoDog blogger, Allie, got to go “behind the scenes” with Meg @ Skate Dog for handmade eco-inspiration and tips.

Behind the Scenes with SkateDogStudios


Recycled Skateboard Feeder
Recycled Skateboard Feeder


*How many pets do you have?

“I have two black labs, Tank and Ziggy – the biggest lapdogs you will ever meet :)”

*When did you first start creating feeders?

“I started creating feeders in the summer of 2009, I have two big ol’ black labs and they needed elevated feeders because they were getting so tall!”

*What are a few of your favorite designs?

“Well I like retrofieds stuff on etsy – http://www.etsy.com/shop/retrofied they make great retro bags, and I am very into Cycle Dog’s recycled dog collars and leashes – they make them out of recycled bike tires http://www.cycledog.com/

*Any favorite eco-friendly tips you can offer?

“Hmmm, well I try to reuse stuff as much as I can to make cool things for my house and my friends instead of throwing it away, and I bring my own shopping bags to the grocery store.”


Recycled Skateboard Feeder
Recycled Skateboard Feeder


*Besides Etsy.com, what are 2 other sites you most often visit?

“Probably www.designspongeonline.com and I really like this site http://remodelista.com/


Maple Wood Skateboard Feeder
Maple Wood Skateboard Feeder


Thanks again to Meg from Skate Dog Studios for answering our Q&A! View the full shop : www.skatedogstudios.etsy.com

For more information on why elevated dog feeders can benefit  both you & your pup, visit our blog post: Water Saving Eco Tip

For healthy, handmade dog treats, visit : www.ecodogstore.etsy.com


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