Buddy Needs Bean-O! Natural Alternatives

I’m not sure how my dog Buddy would feel about me “airing” his “personal grievances” online…but I am going to share the start of my journey with my Ecodog Blog readers.  I’m off on a new mission to naturally solve the issue of my gassy pup!

Buddy’s a sweet pup but lately he’s been clearing the room! He’s not so bad all the time but recently, he’s gotten extra stinky on random evenings.  I haven’t switched his high-grade food and have been good about not slipping him too many treats or human leftovers. (Thats an obvious no-no).

***In addition to his daily diet, I have been adding healthy treats supplemented with natural ginger for digestive care.  EcodogStore offers an online selection of healthy harvest treats & Carrot-Turmeric for digestion care.

***Papaya enzyme is another solution for relieving internal inflammation, bloating and gas.  Chewable tablets are an easy way for pups to take the pill and Buddy seems to love getting his daily dose of papaya.  (Chewable papaya enzyme can be found in the vitamin section of your local grocery, drug store or natural food coop).

The Book of Yogurt by Sonia Uvezian
The Book of Yogurt by Sonia Uvezian

***Yogurt, with natural probiotics and vitamins, is an easy way to add a digestive aid into your doggies diet as well.  I have started on the routine of mixing in 1 cup of yogurt into his dry food every other day.  He loves the yogurt too and the calcium is a great added boost since Buddy is just 2 and still growing!

*Exercise – a key part of any pups healthy habits – is extra beneficial for dogs that tend to bloat.   The act of walking, running or swimming can help muscles around the stomach and intestines relax to aid digestion and also strengthen for natural body and organ support. 

During the summer it was easy for Buddy to get in his exercise with all of the swimming but now that the weather is cooler I think he may be feeling a little “cooped up.” Luckily, living in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, Buddy and I headed up to nearby park & look-out “Panorama Point.” Buddy enjoyed some exercise and fetch (with my double-motivation, a nice day out with the dog – and hoping that it solved his gas problem!)

So by now I’m sure I’ve went into too many details for some of you 🙂 and for others I will keep you posted on the news if anything seems to really do the job.  Also, any of you readers who have dealt with this before, I’m always open to advice – just click on the word “Comment” at the bottom on the post and leave your words of wisdom..or empathy!

*Here’s a link to a funny short that any dog owner is sure to laugh at &  relate...from the show “Puppy Love”



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