Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are full of many delicious, natural health benefits!
EcoDog healthy, handmade treats contain high-quality, fresh ingredients like sunflower, flax seed and fresh veggies! Several of ourEcoDog treats, like our “Carob Crunch Cookies“, contain sunflower seeds.
Carob Crunch Dog Cookies
Carob Crunch Dog Cookies
Sunflower seeds are a tiny kernel packed full nutritional goodness! Sunflower seeds are considered a “functional food“, which go beyond basic nutritional standards and actually help prevent disease and build immunity!

Sunflower seeds contain:
*Natural Antioxidants
*Disease-Preventing Nutrients (such as Betaine & Vitamin E)
*Vitamin E is high in Antioxidants and has been shown to improve wound healing as well as improve circulation
EcoDog treats are proudly made with natural and organic ingredients – choosing locally produced items first! 🙂 EcoDog treats promote energy, immunity & growth, with their naturally great taste!
Healthy Harvest Mini Bones
Healthy Harvest Mini Bones

Our “Healthy Harvest” Treats are full of vitamin-rich ingredients like,Sunflower Seeds! We know your furry friend is sure to benefit from the natural goodness of sunflower seeds and EcoDog treats!

*Thank you to the National Sunflower Association for providing the informational nutrition facts about sunflower seeds! As well for more health benefits and facts.
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