Stylish Boots for Fall Walks

"These Boots Were Made For Struttin"
"These Boots Were Made For Struttin"

These boots are made for walkin’!

"Free To Be" Boot
"Free To Be" Boot

Sure Fido needs accessories for Fall but you can’t forget yourself either!  Check out the top EcoDog Blog picks for stylish Fall boots!

Strawberry Rain Galoshes
Strawberry Rain Galoshes

When cool, Autumn air hits- I can’t resist pulling out my favorite pair! I usually go for a few added inches, since I’m a shortie myself, but also have some flats for more sensible walking with the pups.

The first of the EcoDog fall picks include adorable dark ankle boots, not the most practical, but a must-have for sure!

Cowboy-style boots can be a great alternative to classic flats once it starts to get warm again too. Splurge on a pair you know you will be comfortable in and you’ll be sure to wear them again & again.

-> Live in a rainy Pacific NW climate like EcoDog? Then you’ll probably want some gear for rainy days too! EcoDog loves the *strawberry red* waterproof boots! Make sure you’ve got your rubber boots – or rainproof your new shoes with a sealant!

"Re-Boot Your Style"

Take care of your new boots with eco-friendly weather sealers and protectants.  Look for earth-conscious products like:

*Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof Spray on Shoe & Boot Waterproofing – This product is environmentally friendly because it is water based, biodegradable & does not contain flurocarbons.

->All of the boots featured above are from the online shop – MOD CLOTHMod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes! EcoDog appreciates vintage & recycled items because it is such an easy way to be eco-friendly!! Mod Cloth is an online *mecca* of amazing vintage & indie finds at fairly affordable prices and only $7 ground shipping.

**For Online Shopping Visit :

or Click on any of your favorite Photos in this post!**

After I started browsing the shoes, I couldn’t help click over to one of their “ModCloth Recommends” picks and found way too many cute dresses to match (only leading me to daydream of how perfect they would look with my new boots…and adorable owl necklace…and knit neck cozy…and purse…you get the idea!).

First Prize Pumpkin Jacket
First Prize Pumpkin Jacket

I’m not usually one to be too fashion forward, rather comfortable, cute & practical.ModCloth seems like a great online shop to cater to all sorts of styles while offering an eco-conscious way to shop vintage & indie designs!

Hmm…I’m feeling an Autumn jacket feature coming soon….


2 thoughts on “Stylish Boots for Fall Walks

  1. Thanks so much for featuring ModCloth on EcoDog! We really appreciate it. And I must say, I love those red rain boots; what a great choice! 🙂

    Your friend,
    Elisa at ModCloth

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