EcoFriendly Pet Blanket GiveAway & NorthernLodge Interview

Hello lucky EcoDog readers!  Today I am posting a wonderful GiveAway and Interview from generous crafter, Patti at NorthernLodge! NorthernLodge is a handmade shop on Etsy, featuring “Rustic cabin primitive lodge accent throws and pillows”.  Our GiveAway item is a Custom EcoFriendly Pet Blanket, with details on your chance to win at the bottom of the post.

Custom Pet Blanket With Upcycled Wool
Custom Pet Blanket With Upcycled Wool


When I first stumbled upon NorthernLodge, what drew me in was the warm & cozy colors, prints and designs that flow through all of the shops items.  It’s been almost a year now that I’ve owned my own house, but I am still in a constant state of remodel and decorating and I could see any of the NorthernLodge designs accenting my cozy cabin!

Upcylced Moose Pillow by NorthernLodge
Upcylced Moose Pillow by NorthernLodge


When it comes to cold weather, like the post I put up Friday (Cold Weather Pet Tips), you have to remember to think about your animals too!

Wolf Walk Wool Quilt
Wolf Walk Wool Quilt

They may have a fur coat but they can catch a chill too!  NorthernLodge makes an Eco-Friendly item that is perfect for wintertime but also light-weight enough for your pup to use all year round! NorthernLodge hand-crafts Custom Eco-Friendly Pet Blankets with your dog or cats name!  What an adorable way for your pet to curl up & keep warm!  Know a pet owner?  This would make a great gift item too & with affordable shipping or light-weight packing for travelers. *Be sure to place your order now for the busy holiday season!

Wool Patchwork Custom Blanket by NorthernLodge
Wool Patchwork Custom Blanket by NorthernLodge

These items are all handmade by the NorthernLodge artist herself!

EcoDog blogger (Baker, Dog Owner, EcoGirl Extraordinaire), Allie, got to go behind-the-scenes and get to know Patti from NorthernLodge a little more.  Enjoy our Q&A for inspiring insight into NorthernLodge handmade creations!

How many pets do you have? “Four at this time. One gray and white tabby cat, Bacardi, a white collie Nevaeh, a black and white Siberian husky Denton and recently WE were adopted by a stray husky

..Ghost, who showed up in our yard a month ago and hasn’t left..he only weighed 47 pounds when he arrived-VERY thin, extremely timid, and obviously never LOVED..well all of that has changed-we adore him, he’s putting on weight, he’s gotten all his shots and our other dogs are showing him the way to a great dog life

..Either my son or my brother will ultimately adopt him, but he needs LOTS of TLC to become a confident dog. Sadly the top of his ears were frozen off during the time he was a stray..the vet thinks due to frostbite, but he is STILL such a handsome boy.

*When did you first start creating dog quilts?

“About a year ago-my friend gave me a whole box of wool scraps she bought at a garage sale. I made the wolf paw print quilt-and then after THREE etsy customers had purchased them for their dogs, I figured..why not make them especially for dogs. I donated one to Doyle who was a rescued dog, who needed surgery and a soft place to lie down..his foster family said Doyle LOVES his security quilt..

Black Lab "Buddy" enjoying his pet quilt!
Black Lab "Buddy" enjoying his pet quilt!

Buddy, the black lab also has a great quilt with his name on it, and his owner assures me he also adores it. And another doggy mom bought one for her pug.

*What are a few of your favorite designs?

“I love creating things that have a variety of textures and colours. Because I am a Biologist, my creations are ecologically responsible and reflect my love of Nature

..My wool patchwork quilts are made with 100% upcycled wools, and the batting is made from recycled materials. I also love creating custom pillows for my etsy customers and their far I’ve made 4 custom kitty pillows, but hope to make more.”

* Any favorite eco-friendly tips you can offer?

“I make our dog biscuits, and I use locally grown produce and eggs to reduce our carbon footprint. The dogs and I walk to our regional park, rather than drive..they get an extra long walk, and I save on gas.”

*Besides, what are 2 other sites you most often visit?

National & Facebook (so I can see what my kids are doing-lol)

Thank you to Patti from NorthernLodge for taking the time to answer our questions! And now…for the GIVEAWAY! EcoDog and NorthernLodge are teaming up to bring you a wonderful GiveAway Prize your pup or pet lover friend are sure to LOVE and cherish!  NorthernLodge is giving away (1) CUSTOM ECO-FRIENDLY PET BLANKET to our lucky winner!

Enter to Win from NorthernLodge!
Enter to Win from NorthernLodge!

To Enter the GiveAway, Simply answer our Poll Question:


*Answer the Poll by LEAVING YOUR COMMENT on this Post & you will be entered for a Chance to WIN!*

(To leave a Comment, Simply Click the word COMMENT at the top or bottom corner of this article and fill out the form.)

Want an Extra Chance to Win….?

*Post this GiveAway on your Facebook or Blog and then COMMENT with THE LINK.

GOOD LUCK!!! Winner will be announced MONDAY, November 22nd.


72 thoughts on “EcoFriendly Pet Blanket GiveAway & NorthernLodge Interview

  1. its goin to be a sad christmas husband got hurt a 17 month ago still recooping on the last surgury at work , have taken in 2 strays dogs this year as there christmas woulda been sadder and colder than mine I would love to get them a nice blanket to cuddle in for this winter if possible , but a warm place to sleep and love and good food for them is what im only able to give to this this year maybe next…good thought to all ….happy holidays

    1. Aw – keep you head up! 🙂 Remember that positive thoughts can sometimes help more than you you think! Maybe this Christmas is the year to get crafty? I’m going to putting up a post soon that even shows how to make “birdfeeders” recycling old toilet paper tubes!

  2. I have gotten about half donr…I still need to do my craft items, and make my dogs Christmas collars (they get them at X-mas and their B-days)…spoiled rotten! Having a new grandbaby I went overboared, so other family members will have to settle on homemade food goodies

  3. I haven’t finished shopping, almost done with my daughter’s gifts, less is more this year, going to give beautiful photos of my family as gifts for most everyone else or bake goodies.
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  4. i’ve finished the easy ones (kiddos, who are easy to please), but my hubby is left- he’s impossible to shop for- grr! this pet blanket would be another gift for my daughter, and her new shelter kitty.
    thanks! 🙂

  5. Sadly, I have not finished my Christmas shopping. I still have to get/create presents for my husband. We just got married last year, and are both still in school. Needless to say, we really just don’t have the money for presents this year. So, we are giving each other something we’ve made or found that didn’t cost us any money. I have some ideas, but nothing amazing so far. If anyone else has some cool ideas, feel free to contact me! :3

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  7. I have not even started my christmas shopping yet! I usually do it at the start of December. I still have to think of gifts for uncles, auties, parents, sister, and god-children. thanks for the giveaway!

    khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

  8. I’m not done shopping for Christmas yet. I still have my son, parents and In-Laws and my dog. The only person I’ve finished shopping for is my husband.
    kowandamcbride at yahoo dot com

  9. I have not finished my Christams shopping because we celebrate Christmas at 7 of January here in Belarus, so I still have plenty of time yet!

  10. I wish! I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet! We are trying to simplify this year, though, so it shouldn’t be as big of a production as it has been in years gone by. Love the giveaway, by the way. “Opal” would love her own doggy bed! Thanks, Jeanette….convo at

  11. I haven’t started yet but I only need to buy for my son and his wife so there is no rush really.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  12. Oh my goodness what a great giveaway- my two dogs would love a blanket!
    And…no not even close to done my shopping yet. I’m actually making most of my presents, and I haven’t even started that. I’m a bit of a last minute kinda girl 🙂

  13. What a great giveaway!

    I haven’t even begun my Xmas shopping yet. I have my husband, 3 nieces, 1 nephew, my mother-in-law and 3 brothers to buy for—yikes, I better get going!

  14. Yes. I started my shopping and intend on doing some cyber shoopping and shopping on black friday too. ty for entry.
    flophasit at yahoo dot com

    1. Online shopping is a great idea! Did you know will let you search by Local Area too? That way you can support local, get some unique gifts & sometimes save with shipping too! Thanks for entering the GiveAway! Good luck!

  15. This would be purrrrrfect for my new Cat Betty. – Allie you would love her, I’ll try to post some pics on FB soon.

    1. Betty! What a cute name! Post some pics I’d love to see ’em! 🙂 Thanks for entering the giveaway – Good luck!! (I need to try & make some kitty treats soon, when I do you’ll be on my tester list! lol)

  16. These are so cute, and such a great idea!! Have to ask, though, does dog hair stick very bad? We have high shedding dogs (one with longer hair) so cleanliness and the look while being used are somewhat a consideration for us 🙂

  17. Oh, and to answer the question for the poll, I haven’t even started Christmas shopping *gasp* We have 4 young children who snoop in everything, so we wait until we think we can’t wait any more so “Santa” at least has a chance at successfully hiding the gifts!

  18. i have very little left to do! i started early this year…
    i have yet to get my two dogs something, and a couple other small things
    and it’s not even december yet!

  19. I am about 75% done…I need to get my children’s stocking stuffers and my mom and dad’s presents…know what I am getting them, just need to get it! LOL!!!

    Please enter me in the contest…we have a new furbaby that this would be great for…our rescued Golden named Malcolm Wallace!

  20. I have a few stocking stuffers, but that is it. I need a gift for my brother-in-law and his wife (who happens to be my bff from grade school…lol). We are only buying gifts for the “kids” this year and their kid is a 100 lb black lab named Fiona! This would be perfect!

    sdsitler at hotmail dot com

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