Activated Charcoal as Natural Pet Remedy

Activated Charcoal is important for all pet owners to have on hand or at least know about – Keep it in easy reach either in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

*Activated Charcoal is used for suspected poisonings or toxicity relief. Activated charcoal is a type of natural “carbon” that helps absorb toxins that may be in your pets system.


Activated Charcoal Gel
Activated Charcoal Gel by Durvet

->Naturally absorbing toxins may help your dog be relieved of potentially fatal or harmful ingested poisons. Activated charcoal has also been known to relieve gas in small doses! (Hmm…Buddy may need to try this out! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the EcoDog post – “Buddy Needs Beano” for more natural remedies!)

Before you need it, it’s a much better idea to simply grab a tube to keep on hand. (*Check with your personal vet before giving your pet any size dose of activated charcoal.)

Lily the EcoDog Lab
Lily the EcoDog


Pick up activated charcoal to keep on hand from either your local vet, or order online for savings – Click the link & picture below:

*Activated charcoal can help relieve the body of toxins if poisoned by:



-Rotten Food


-And More…..

->During the Winter time, it’s important to keep your eye out for harmful puddles of chemicals like Antifreeze that your dog might possibly get into! A simple tip to prevent your pup from ingesting antifreeze or other toxins – Wipe your pets feet when they enter the house, removing potentially harmful traces that your dog might otherwise clean off themselves & ingest! …For more Wintertime Pet Safety Tips, visit our other post : Cold Weather Pet Tips & Free Safety Pack Link!

Bamboo Charcoal Household Purifier
Bamboo Charcoal Household Purifier by C60 Bamboo Carbon Co.

->Household Eco-Tip: Activated Charcoal can also be useful for natural odor & air purifier (similiar to using baking soda!). While gels are easier to give to pets, keep some dried activated charcoal powder in your kitchen, closet or anywhere in your home or office to stay fresh year round!

Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener by C60 Bamboo Carbon Co.
Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener by C60 Bamboo Carbon Co.

During the wintertime, this can be extra helpful, as we tend to spend more time indoors!!


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