Free GiveAway from WildTime Natural Foods & EcoDog Blog

While most of our EcoDog Blog posts are geared towards spoiling your furry friend – Today’s special Free GiveAway is for the *organic* & *eco-conscious* owner!!  3 lucky EcoDog Blog readers will win a prize package of goodies from Grizzlies Brand, WildTime Foods & EcoDogStore!

Grizzlies Granola from WildTime Foods
Grizzlies Granola from WildTime Foods


WildTime Foods has given us several samples of their natural products to sample & we are sharing the *handmade goodness* with our lucky EcoDog readers!

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Grizzlies offers a full line of organic, low-fat, no cholesterol & high fiber granolas.
Grizzlies offers a full line of organic, low-fat, no cholesterol & high fiber granolas.


->Details at the bottom of this post on how to Enter for your Free *Chance to WIN*!!<-

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When it comes to being tasty – nothing can beat the organic, handmade & addictive *crunch* of Wildtime’s Grizzlies granola!

Hooray for *Handmade*!

Grizzlies granola & natural Wildtime foods are based out of the west-coast of the USA in Eugene, Oregon.  It’s easy to taste & see the quality & love that the Wildtime staff puts into their products!

The Wildtime Staff! Keep up the great work!
The Wildtime Staff! Keep up the great work!

I love the staff Bios & Pics on the website, as well as their blog that gives you yummy recipes & Wildtime natural food insights and updates!  It’s always nice to know where your food comes from…! 😉

->When Grizzlies Granola first started, it was hand-delivered by *bike* around Eugene, OR! Now that’s dedication!

I was lucky enough to sample Aunt Maple’s Crunchy Granola, which has sweet organic coconut chips, organic maple syrup, raisins, organic rolled oats, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon and more! Personally, I enjoy granola with a splash of milk, or mix up with yogurt & fresh fruit preserves!

Aunt Maple's is "destined to become a favorite"!
Aunt Maple's is "destined to become a favorite"!

With the Holidays and cool winter weather, it’s a good idea to have some “comfort foods” on hand, like Grizzlies granola! Natural snacks also make a practical gift idea – no one can resist the delicious handmade crunch & it is sure to be a *sweet surprise*!

Visit the online store for shopping 24/7:

The Zinke Almond butter, besides being a healthy alternative to peanut butter, worked wonders in my Peanut Butter Blossom recipe!! (*Natural butters, like almond butter, can tend to need a little stirring but don’t be off-put by that, just stir in the natural oils & enjoy!!)

Zinke Almond Butter is made with no-spray, insecticide-free almonds.
Zinke Almond Butter is made with no-spray, insecticide-free almonds.


-> Using almond butter instead of peanut butter made it more like the crunchy and sweet classic Chinese-style almond cookie. 🙂 Yummm! Enjoy Almond butter as a substitute or flavor additive in many traditional recipes, or simply spread on toast for a mid-morning snack!

* Zinke Orchards is a 3rd generation grower & family farm.

EcoDog is happy to support independent farmers  like Zinke Orchards!
EcoDog is happy to support independent farmers like Zinke Orchards!


Zinke Orchards Almond Butter is processed in a facility with NO PEANUTS or other Nuts – so if you have allergies – that’s another reason to love Zinke & Wildtime natural products!

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And now……for the GIVEAWAY!! 3 Lucky EcoDog Blog readers will win a Prize Package of Wildtime natural food products!

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****To Enter, Answer the Question:


**Leave your Answer in a COMMENT on this Blog Post (simply Click the Word “Comment” at top or bottom of this article).**

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For more chances to win…..

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Our Lucky Winners will be chosen at Random on Monday, Dec. 6th.  Contest ends Sunday 12/5/10 at Midnight PST.  Additional rules or regulations may apply.


51 thoughts on “Free GiveAway from WildTime Natural Foods & EcoDog Blog

  1. Spending Christmas in Florida with my girls and my family. Walking on the beach on Christmas Day, singing silly christmas songs. 🙂

  2. I love opening presents at my parents, just my closest family eating, sharing, and enjoying a roaring fire. audreyshay at yahoo dot com

  3. Our favorite wintertime tradition is going out and playing in the snow / snow sledding / making snow men, etc and then coming inside and making a fire. It’s always a great way for the kids (and dogs!) to get rid of all the winter energy, and good bonding time, too.

  4. I love hot tea at night. I can really only do it during winter cuz we live in Texas, and it is just too warm at night any other time of year:)

  5. I like to bake cookies and breads in winter. Everything smells good and you keep the house warm, too.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  6. ms(dot)verymarried(at)gmail(dot)com

    i love trying new and traditional recipes out on my husband! also, we seem to be starting the tradition of going up to rockefeller plaza and seeing the tree!

  7. is it weird that I LIKE to shovel? I love being out in the driveway with light snow falling, all bundled up (getting a bit of a work out in, to boot!) and looking around and seeing all my neighbors out doing the same thing! Especially as the houses are all light with twinkle lights 🙂

    xo Great giveaway! Thanks, friend!

  8. One of our favorite winter traditions is hot apple cider. We make it at home … it’s so warming … and, it seems that everywhere we go (we live in western NC), someone is offering cups to passersby. So for me it has become a symbol of friendship and goodwill … what’s nicer than offering a neighbor a cup of hot cider. 🙂

    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  9. My son (who is now 11) have a much-beloved New Year’s tradition – I buy fixings for ice cream sundaes, and he gets to pile on whatever he wants. Then I pour some sparkling grape juice in champagne flutes, and he gets to stay up as late as he wants (or can stay awake). We look forward to it every year!

    damn.precious.etsy at gmail dot com

  10. we have two! going out to pick the perfect tree and spending an evening decorating the tree and the house, hot chocolate, cozy fire, the works!

    And making gluten free and regular treats for family and friends for the holidays. last year we made up about 30 baskets of goodies for everyone

  11. one of my favorite winter time traditions is going in the woods with my mom to cut some cedar and pine branches and then fixing them to decorate our house.

  12. When I was little, I would always wake up at 1am christmas day and take a quick peek at everything under the tree including the big toys that were too big to wrap! Then, on christmas morning I would be the first one up waking my mom, dad, and 2 older brothers up at 6am. We didn’t get to see the living room until all 3 of u lined up from youngest to oldest and my mom and dad had there camera ready to catch our reactions on camera. I miss being young!

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