EcoDog Treat Tester of the Week!

Today, we want to give a “THANK YOU” to our EcoDog treat tester & loyal biscuit-lover, Lily!

“I testify that my retrieving and dropping the blue ball triples in speed when I know an eco dog treat is my reward! ” -Signed, Lily
We appreciate the kind comments and any feedback from our furry friends regarding our tasty, handmade treats!

SuperStar EcoDog Training Treats
SuperStar EcoDog Training Treats


EcoDog bakes healthy, handmade treats with high-quality ingredients for your lucky pup! We promote locally-produced products first and like you, want the best for your pup! EcoDog handmade treats promote energy, immunity and growth!


EcoDog handmade pet treats
EcoDog handmade pet treats

Visit our Online Shop to view the varieties of tasty treats!

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