Dog harness vests by TinyPawsDesigns

EcoDog blog has dug up a stylish new, handmade option, for outdoor doggie gear! “Tiny Paws Designs” features handmade clothing and accessories for your favorite little furry friend! While most of the styles lean towards the tinier pups, they do offer sizes ranging XS-M.
One of our favorite styles was the handy Harness Vest! Harness vests feature harness ring on top as well as soft inner lining and button closures.

It is always great to support handmade but especially easy when it’s such a well-made product like the adorable outfits and jackets from TinyPawsDesigns!

Ships Ahoy!


Minky Designer

Don’t forget-if you need to stock up on your handmade dog treats, visit the EcoDog Shop for healthy, handmade treats from the Ecodog baker!


3 thoughts on “Dog harness vests by TinyPawsDesigns

  1. OMG, I am humbled by the showcase for my designs. I wanted to make our babies look stylish and fashion forward. Harness-vest’s are an essential for our beautiful babies, and they might as well look fabulous while wearing them.

    Thank you so much. *woofs* *licks* from the furry side of Tiny Paws Designs, who patiently wait for pets in between stitches.

    Oh, I can make larger than Medium, all anyone needs to do is ask.

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