Spring Planting with the EcoDogs

Spring is finally HERE and in the Columbia Gorge, we take advantage of every sunny day we have!  One of my favorite parts of warm weather is gardening and this year I’ve got the bug early!  I’ve had my seedlings started inside for at least a month now and yesterday I finally had the chance to stick a few things in the dirt!

One of my favorite things about gardening is the idea of growing my own food and ultimately, living a more sustainable lifestyle.  It is so exciting to me to be able to experiment with sticking a simple seed into the ground and watching it turn into a beautiful, fresh salad or vine-ripened, rich tomato sauce. Right now I’m not expecting to cut out all of my visits to the produce market but I do know that what I am able to grow at home makes a difference – not only for my health (benefiting from both the healthy, fresh food & the enjoyment & exercise from gardening!)…but also, inspire others to do the same, leading to the reduction of imported food! Support local & sustainable!

Think you can’t garden? Think again -!

*Black thumb? Don’t worry! There is tons of support for newbie & “black thumb” gardeners. Visit digthedirt.com to find out what grows easiest in your area as well as get advice from experienced gardeners!

*No yard? No problem! Visit yardsharing.org or post a classified in your local newspaper to find an unused yard! Take a page from a top eco-city like, Portland, OR, which is hosting this new site – offering people with extra yard space, a chance to share and connect with someone who may live in a more urban setting.

*No space? Consider space-saving ideas like: Hanging planters, Earth box containers, or even unique varieties like Columnar apple trees! Want to make your own Earth box & save some $? Visit the ehow.com “Make your Own Earthbox” tutorial online for a great afternoon project that will keep you growing all year!

As you can see there is *no excuse* not to roll up your sleeves and join in the fun of gardening! 🙂

Yesterday, my two “Eco-Pups” Buddy & Lily, joined in the fun and sun of the beautiful spring day!

Lily couldn’t resist jumping in the water and getting dirty, while Buddy was trying to interrupt my gardening with a game of fetch!


*Do you have  a Garden? What do you like to Grow? Leave your COMMENT Below!*


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