GeoThermal Dog House

GeoThermal Energy is a wave of a the future, starting from the ground up!  Harnessing renewable energy from the earth can be surprisingly easier than you might think! Instead of drilling deep down to the earth’s core, a depth of simply four feet or so.  This is where the earth’s temperature is at a more constant state year round and helps to contain warmth in the winter and stay cool in the summertime.

And now…this is where Miller Pet Products comes in….the GeoThermal Dog House! Miller Pet Products is home of the “world’s only underground heated & cooled dog house”!  Believe your eyes, it’s real!

*Naturally heats/cools

*Optional built-in tie-out

*No assembly


*Recycled materials

The “Dog Eden” can be buried in your yard for a sleek & unique new green option for dog houses!

I’m impressed to see in the photos they show a chocolate lab going in and out of the dog house! I would be excited to see my Weimaraner, Buddy, launching out of his “Dog Eden”! I know my Lily, who has a tendency to want to bury and “nest”, would probably never want to come out of her cozy doggie den!

My only concern is cleaning but Miler Pet Products recommends you use a cedar chip bedding and in extreme cases, just bring out the shop vac!

Visit the official website for more detailed FAQ & photos:

*All photos are courtesy of

Do you think your dog would “dig” this new-age dog house?

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12 thoughts on “GeoThermal Dog House

  1. Wow…love the concept of this house. We’ve always wondered if Gus would like an outdoor doghouse!

    P.S. I sent you an email earlier this week and haven’t heard back…just wanted to follow up on the Eco Bags.

  2. These are about the only thing our Staffordshire Bull Terrier can’t destroy w/i a couple of days. They will last months before he finally gets the best of them. Being able to get them at this price & FREE s&H was a really terrific bargain!

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