GoodFellas Rescue in Mill Creek, OR

This week, the EcoDog is featuring the GoodFellas Rescue in Mill Creek, OR & a few of their adoptable dogs, Capone, Betty Boom & Kojack!

Right now, Capone, Betty Boom & Kojack are in Mill City, Oregon at the GoodFellas Rescue Center and are looking for a forever home!

About Capone…


Age: Under 1 yr

Breed: American BullDog

*Friendly, playful but looking for a house with no cats!  Also, please be familiar with the breed and ready to love a big sweetheart! (At about 9 mos he weighed approx 60 lbs)

Likes: Loves bones!! And swimming!

Dislikes: Cats! & Sharing food & treats.

Video of Capone online & his full profile, click HERE

About Betty Boom


Age: Baby

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier

*Outgoing, playful. Short hair. Looking for someone who wants to give her a lifelong home!

Likes: Being social!

Dislikes: n/a

Visit Betty Boom‘s full profile on at:

About Kojack


Age: Adult

Breed: Chihuahua

*Looking for a house without kids where he can rule! A great guy that was surrendered because his home was simply tired of him! Poor guy! Would make a fantastic travel buddy but needs to be leashed!

Likes: Snuggling, being cute, running in a fenced in yard.

Dislikes: Kids.

Visit the link below for Kojack’s full profile on

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For more information on how to adopt one of the dogs above, contact GoodFellas Rescue in Mill Creek, OR!

Phone: 503-897-2426



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