Introducing Dog and Cat

Even if you’ve been a pet owner before, you know that every animal behaves differently. When introducing animals of different species, there are a few things you can do to make things go smoothly.

Introducing Dog and Cat:
*Cats can have a mind of their own and quick reaction time. Concentrate on controlling your dog and watching it’s movement or behavior signs.

*Only introduce a dog that you know will listen to your commands and has your respect. A puppy can, out of playfulness and instinct, accidentally hurt a cat or kitten.

*A great tip to introduce a shy kitty to it’s new K9 friend, is by scent training. Take an old blanket, towel or even a plush toy, and use it for a day or two, then toss in the room with your cat. Your cat will become curious and then more comfortable with the scent of the dog.

->Proof that all animals can get along….& hope for humans too! Watch the video below (originally posted Youtube, bisonfilms):

QUESTION: What are your tips for introducing cat and dog? Any personal success/ failure stories? Share below in the Comment section!


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