How To: Trim Dog Nails

A quick trim is important for your pups grooming routine and if you want to save some $ then you can follow a few steps to trim your dogs nails at home!

Some dogs naturally “trim” their own nails by enough hard-surface contact, while others need some help to keep nails at a comfortable length.

#1 priority is making sure both you and your dog are comfortable and confident about the whole ordeal – while it is quick and painless for your dog, they can often be squeamish to a new noise/sensation but make sure you stay focused and steady!

Watch the video below for a great demo on trimming your dogs nails with both clippers and a grinder. (Video previously posted by SceneItB4 on YouTube)

->Remember, if you have a young puppy, trimming its nails now can get it more comfortable and used to the experience. With all things in pet training, even like walking on a leash or riding in the car, it can take time, patience and practice!

QUESTION: Do you trim your dogs nails or bring your dog to a groomer?  Leave your answer below in the Comments!

**Personally, even though both of my dogs are calm enough to stand for me trimming their nails, I opt not to trim either one!  My Weimaraner, Buddy, gets plenty of running and has always managed to have well-manicured nails. While my lab mix Lily, on occasion will get a quick trim from me, but generally only needs a trim about every 6 months and then I choose to pay the $5 at the local groomer. 😉


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