Photo Share Friday

While this may be the EcoDog Blog, I currently live with two of the coolest cats there could be – Rascal and Bruce Wayne.
Rascal is a nine year old grey striped tabby. He was free from a family home and he was a sturdy 4 months old when I adopted him. We were more of a dog family growing up, so this was my first cat on my own and I’ve raised him like a small dog. He’s amazing. And extremely tolerant. If you want to nap for two hours on the couch, he’s the guy to lay and snuggle with you the entire time.

Bruce Wayne is a rescue from our local human society. He was about 3 lbs. when we first got him and now he’s just over 2 years old. Bruce is just as friendly as Rascal but a little more independent, not quite a snuggler, still the kitten that wants to play with – everything.


Like I said though, they are both pretty sweet….& spoiled!


(yes….that’s Bruce Wayne, tucked himself under the covers in our bed – after I had made it for the day of course!)


(& Rascal can be found on the couch about 85% of the day. Blankets optional)


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