Trend Watch: Fun with Feathers

Feathers are an obvious play-time favorite for cats but we’ve dug up a few fun finds for your pooch too! Enjoy this mix of eco-friendly feather fun toys! Follow the links to shop online or find more info.

For your feline friends –

 ~*~ Tamboo Flyers ~*~1

*Option to shop for toys by color

*Made with tamboo – long, natural tapered bamboo fiber

*Avg 6 ft long for safe play

-> They even have a video!

(by CatTamboo)

 ~*~ Kitty Lure Caster  ~*~2

*Kitty lure & kitty lure caster; wispy feather body

*Nylon cord w/loop closure for interchangeable lures – pole 2′, cord 6′

*Made in Montana, USA

(by WestPawDesign)

3   ~*~ Crinkle ball with Feathers  ~*~

*Crinkle ball with feathers – activates your pets natural hunting instinct

(by Kong)


 ~*~ Backyard Bird  ~*~4

*Bird toy with feathers; interactive – features a fun squeaking noise

 (by OurPets)


Doggy designs & fun with feathers –


 ~*~ Fall Feather Dog Collar  ~*~

Handmade in Virginia, USA.

(by restowe)

 ~*~ Variety Pack – Game bird wings  ~*~

For the sporty pup –

5*Game bird wings (grouse, pheasant, quail – variety pack)

*Wings contain no preservatives

->Attach the wing to dummy & do not let dog chew on wing

6Retriever training dummy

*Sportdog lucky dog regular dummy – soft rubber; weight & buoyancy can be adjusted; for training retriever pups 6 mos & up


For the fashionista pup –

img-feathering-options-b ~*~ PetExpressions  ~*~

*Avail. for puppies 12 wks & older


*Long-lasting, can be left on for bathing & brushing but easily removed

*Seasonal & color options available, $10+

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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