Eco-Treat: Kind Bar Review

thCAFZ4I2JAs I sit and enjoy my morning Kind bar, I thought I would offer a review of an eco-friendly treatnot for pets – but for humans!

It’s important to remember the old saying “You are what you eat!” People are realizing everyday how true this really is! When we pay attention to what we are putting into our bodies, we can get the full benefit of naturally nutritious food and gain a healthier outlook and lifestyle.

The Kind company gives me a quick and easy on-the-go option for eating right. Don’t get me wrong, a bacon breakfast sandwich sounds fantastic – once in a while – but if you really want to feel good, go for something full of energizing and sustaining ingredients.

I’m known for a sweet tooth and Kind bars offer a variety of flavors that satisfy my craving without being over the top sweet. For a lite breakfast or mid-morning snack, one of my favorite flavors is Blueberry, Vanilla & Cashew. The soft, sweet blueberries with the slight crunch from the cashew makes for a perfect pair!EB8037

One of my favorite Kind bars for afternoon snacking is the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. Yummmmmm, who doesn’t love dark chocolate and sea salt?! Next on my list I want to try, I saw they have a Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan bar! Sounds delish!!


A few more reasons to love Kind bars……

*Non GMO

*Gluten free/dairy free options

*Great source of fiber; low glycemic

*Low sodium

->To learn more about the KIND company, visit their full website:

What time of the day do you snack? Morning? Afternoon? All Day? 🙂 Leave your answer in the Comments!

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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