Show & Tell – Water Cooler

Anyone with pets knows they can all be a little quirky when choosing their water source. Some might stick to the bowl while others opt for an outdoor puddle or beg indoors for the faucet.
My two cats started the bad habit of begging by the bathroom sink & I knew that had to stop – fast! We changed their water bowl frequently but that just wasn’t enough. I even bought the a fancy stand with new food and water dishes, still not satisfied. Finally, I tried the simplistic “water cooler” style dish and hooray problem solved!41HQbC3mToL__SY355_
The PetMate Replenish Pet Waterer holds approx. 1 Gal. water and is almost 12″ tall. It makes a great Eco friendly option, made with PET eco-sustainable plastics, Microban antimicrobial and a dishwasher safe base.


FROBO makes an innovative new design for the classic water dish as well. The FROBO Cooling Bowl features a non-toxic gel liner that is frozen in the freezer (at least 2 hrs to freeze) – once frozen, keeps water cool all day long, as opposed to ice cubes that melt. Cool water encourages drinking and healthy levels of hydration for your pets. A very interesting new look on a classic design!



For on-the-go hydration, Popware has created a travel cup for both you a pup ! The H-DuO has two compartments allow you to keep a drink for you on one side and water for your pup on the other. Both can easily hydrate for trips to the dog park, hiking, road trips and more! Comes with a detachable companion cup and is made of BPA-free materials.

->Already have a favorite water bottle and just want the detachable Collapsible-Travel-Cup-from-Popware-for-Petscompanion cup? Popware offers BPA-free companion cups sold individually.


What type of dishes do you use for your pet food and water? Metal? Ceramic? Plastic? Leave your answer in the comments!


Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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