Choosing a Pet Sitter

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be planning on traveling, and that doesn’t always include bringing along your four-legged friends. A popular alternative to kennel boarding is at-home pet care. When choosing a pet-sitter, take a few extra steps to help ensure you’ve found the right sitter for your pet!

*Pre-interview on the phone:

-Verify experience, ask for references

-Confirm availability and a back-up in case of emergencies

*Schedule a time to meet:

-Introduce your pet and sitter

-Let your sitter know how they should be spending their time: walking, feeding, grooming, playtime, cleaning, etc.  (This ensures your expectations will be clear.)

*When you leave:

-Leave a set of spare keys and extra set hide-a-key

-Disclose any important pet medical history and vet. contact information

-Store food and supplies in a central location

-Write down helpful phone numbers/contact info.

Helpful links for finding a pet-sitter:






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