Halloween Pet Safety Tips

blackcatHalloween can be an exciting time to celebrate creativity and the changing of the seasons. Okay, and let’s not forget the candy!! When celebrating this spooktacular howl-iday, make sure you keep some helpful tips in mind when it comes to your furry friends:

*Offer a shelter from loud noise: Halloween can be filled with ringing doorbells, squealing kids and loud party-goers. Give your pets a safe shelter in a spare bedroom or crate/kennel for anxious animals.

*No chocolate: As much as your adorable pets might beg- do not let them consume any chocolate! Chocolate and other candies can be harmful for pets and especially if they eat the wrappers too!

*Dress-up in moderation: While some animals don’t mind wearing a costume, for others it can cause stress and anxiety. Be considerate of your pets personality and if you decide to dress them up, make sure they are comfortable, confident and not restricted of movement.

*Reflective gear: Make sure you and your four-legged friends are visible – Carry a flashlight, glow stick and/or wear reflective patches on your costume/jacket.

For more helpful Halloween tips, visit the following recommended links:





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