Daily Dig: Swheat Scoop

imageToday’s daily dig is a product I’m very excited to share! Naturally clumping cat litterSwheat Scoop!

Any cat owner knows the problem with litter boxes – the smell and the unwanted kitty litter tracked all over the floor. At our house, we have two cats, which means double the mess and – they each have their own routine of kicking and tracking litter. Also, with the dangers of clay cat litter, it’s important to me to use a safe and natural alternative.

(*If you have never heard of the harmful effects of clay cat litter, please visit the helpful links at the bottom of this article).

Swheat Scoop is a noticeable difference from any other litter we have tried! Not only do we not see litter tracked outside the box, but more importantly, it doesn’t smell! I don’t know how many different kinds of classic clay-type litters we’ve tried and now I’m noticing they have a slight chemical smell because – with SWheat Scoop, there isn’t any smell! It doesn’t have to mask the odor because it is actually getting rid of it!

*What’s it made of?

Ground wheat! A natural alternative to clay litters

*How does it work?

Starch and enzymes in the ground wheat naturally absorb and eliminate odors

->Where can you buy Swheat Scoops? Visit their Store Locator to find out Where to Buy at a store near you!

->Besides the fact that they are an eco-forward company, another reason to ❤ the Swheat Scoop company – the Swheat Shares program!

*Each month, partnered with a different rescue organization, the Sweat Scoops company donates 2,000 lbs of litter and adoption kits to go with newly adopted cats and kittens to their “forever homes”

Nominate a shelter near you for this heart-warming program: Email donations@swheatscoop.com with the rescue center name and website link/contact information.

->Helpful resources regarding the dangers of clay cat litter:




Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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