The Great Green Cat Toy – Eco Pet Toy Review

Today’s Daily Dig features a special toy for all of our feline friends! (*Although I could imagine small dogs finding this toy fun too!)

The Great Green Cat Toy is a surprisingly simplistic design, made by a refreshingly eco-conscious husband-wife team that cares about your cats and loves to have fun!

My cats had fun with the Great Green Cat Toy it’s now a mainstay in my office / the cats playroom.  A trio of wooden balls in a long tube, teasing and enticing your pet to play!image

*Up-cycled material – 100% recyclable,  90% biodegradable

*Made in the USA

It’s was interesting to watch the cats first be introduced to the toy. I didn’t shake it around and scare them away, I called them over and showed it to them, letting them start to explore it by themselves. At first a sniff, the a paw, then a roll and a pounce….you get the idea! 🙂 My 2 year old cat, Bruce Wayne, is most interested and I often hear him rolling it around and playfully batting on and endless mission! Sometimes it’s hard to tire him out so it’s good to have a toy that he can interact with on his own or when I’m at work.

Not only is the Great Green Cat Toy made of eco friendly materials, but you can also feel good about support a fellow pet lover and small business! To find more info about this company, visit their main website:

*Plan ahead for the holidays and order now!

->Be sure to check out the adorable video too! My cats love playing with this toy and I have to say it’s pretty entertaining for me to watch too! 🙂


Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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