Benefits of Dog Walking

allieanddogsonhikeEveryone needs exercise and, despite how much they already move, your dogs still need their daily dose of exercise. A walk can benefit both you and pup in several ways:

*Instant endorphin boost: Even 10 minutes can uplift your attitude by releasing endorphins and put both you and pup in a better mood!

*Healthy heart: Walking is an excellent source of exercise to strengthen your heart – at any pace you walk or run, you’ll be benefiting your body

*Lower stress: Walking provides a positive outlook for energy and lowers stress – helping to prevent your dog from destructive behavior and lower pet separation anxiety

*Socialization and relationship bonding: Dogs are to ail animals and enjoy the outgoing activity of walking or jogging. Leash training can also strengthen your bond between you and your four-legged friend.

->Busy schedule? Consider hiring a dog walker! Follow the tips in my “Choosing a Pet Sitter” when picking a dog walker as well.

->Helpful links to find a dog walker in your area:




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