New Puppy Must-Haves

Puppies are, of course, *adorable* and so are their teeny tiny toys! When shopping for a new puppy,its easy get overwhelmed and not get what you need or first set out for. With the holidays almost here, and a great how-to for anytime of the year, this guide will help you fill a gift basket with the essentials to welcome a new puppy! Whether it’s for your our new family member, or welcoming a friends new addition, these go-to items are must-haves for any dog owner with a new puppy.

image*Simple Solution product line- Training Solutions: Eco-training pads, training pad holder and travel training pads

*Crypton pet beds – Stain resistant, anti-microbial materials, durableimage

*BallBoy Collar & Leash – Natural collar and leash made from 100% natural grown hemp; Strong, light-weight, durable, softimage


*BallBoy Mini Hemp Toy – Hemp fibers are naturally shorter in length than other cotton or acrylic toys, which can easily get lodged in the gut after chewing. Hemp fibers pass through the stomach easier for less health issues and worry-free playtime.

*Wooden Pet Tag by Cropscotch – Laser cut, custom pet tags, made in the eco-Mecca, Portland, Oregon. Lots of styles to choose from in their online shop.image

image*Crate Cover – You maybe crate training a new pup and along with, obviously, a crate, consider getting a crate cover. Molly Mutt is an eco-friendly company with lots of creative and colorful products to choose from.

*Greenworks All Purpose Cleaner– Natural cleaning products are important with a new puppy around the house! There will be more messes to clean up but you’ll want to make sure you choose a natural product that won’t harm your pets.

image*Hemp Plush Toy – “Ella” by WestPaw– This adorable design is not only eco friendly but also made from a microbial fabric that is machine washable too! Made from 45% organic hemp fiber, 55% recycled polyester.

*Natural Edible Dental Treat – Puppies can be active chewers and these eco-forward treats are a must-have for all dog owners. HALO brand offers natural alternatives for treats and food for both dogs and cats.image

Do you have a favorite training toy you’ve used with your dog(s)? Share your recommendations in our Comments!

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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