Giving Back: Alley Cat Allies

imageToday’s Giving Back highlights a 4-star animal charity, hard at work for the benefit of our feline friends! Alley Cat Allies has a mission to “transform and develop communities to protect and improve the lives of cats.”

This organization is one of the leaders in feral cat care and support. Alley Cat Allies was founded in 1990 to help build available support and understanding of the feral cat community. Since then, Alley Cat Allies has earned over 260,000 supporters and helped improve the lives of millions of cats.

Alley Cat Allies is commited to several core initiatives:

*Advocate to End the Killing

*Promote Humane Care

*Care for Cats

*Making Connections

*Produce Educational Tools

Feral cats can be very different from your indoor house cat. Not saying that they don’t all want/deserve a home, but often there are different steps in how to approach/build a relationship with a feral cat. Not all cats want to be lap cats! Read more FAQ about feral cats on Alley Cat Allies main website:

How to Help:

*Make a Donation – Alley Cat Allies accepts many forms of donations, visit their main website to find out how to give back.

*Become an Ally – Photo Pledge

*Take Action – Visit the Action Center for easy ways to show your support with a few clicks of your mouse!

**Another simple way to help – SHARE the LINK for the Alley Cat Allies on your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, etc.  By simply sharing the link & a brief intro to your friends and families, you never know how the spiderweb effect can take place and make a difference! 🙂


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