Eco-Treat: MammaChia Review

*Vitality, Energy, Strength*

This Daily Dig is an eco product I couldn’t be more excited to share! While I have to admit, I absolutely love a sugary-sweet dose of caffeine, I try and opt. for a healthier energy boost over the high calorie latte or energy drinks.image

Since first trying the MammaChia Squeeze pouches, I have now found my morning, afternoon, anytime pick-me-up! Those who know me, know what a sweet tooth I have. I love fresh fruit juice and could easily drink a large bottle myself everyday. I try and hold back from overdoing my sweet tooth and MammaChia helps satisfy that craving. I don’t think I could pick a favorite but I really like the Strawberry Banana and also the Blackberry Bliss….Coconut Mango is also delish! Who am I kidding….I love them all! 🙂

MammaChia helps remind you that there are healthy alternatives – that taste great. If you’ve never tried chia, I highly recommend it!

Benefits of Chia: Balance blood sugar; High in fiber; Omega 3 Natural weight loss-stay full longer; Energy boost

MammaChia Squeezes not only contain healthy chia seeds but also a mix of natural fruit purées.

More reasons to ❤ MammaChia:

-Gluten Free


-Good source of Fiber, Omega-3

To find out where to purchase MammaChia or get more product info., visit their official site online at:


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