Clevercat Top-Entry Litter Box

A litter box is an obvious must-have in a cat owners home and there are several styles that are pretty standard. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a cat that uses a doggie door to do it’s business outdoors, you’re probably familiar with the classic rectagular litter pan option – it’s the one we’ve been using for years. For some reason, last week – we decided to switch.image

I don’t know if this style is something I will stick with long-term but I wanted to feature it and it is working so far! (*Note the surprise, it just seemed like an ususal style!) Also, my concern was that my cats were too large to fit inside but again, not the case. *I will mention that this would not be recommended for cats with joint or mobility issues.

Benefits to a top-entry litter box:

-Cats must hop in & out of the top, “wiping” their paws on the built in mat on the top of the litter box

-Less kicked litter because of the high sides & less tracked outside of the litter box

-Easy clean, liners available

-30 day money back guarantee

For more info, visit the Clevercat main website: 


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