Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Today I’m featuring a top pick for a durable, natural dog treat – Himalayan Dog Chews!

imageThis eco-forward treat features an age-old recipe that creates a long-lasting chew for lucky pups. Yak and cow milk is combined in a traditional Himalayan method to create a hardened “cheese” which is actually less than 1% fat per chew and safe for your pup to enjoy.

Ruby,my sisters 5 mo. old puppy, has been “taste testing” these treats


and gives it a high-flying review. Ruby is one busy puppy and she has chewed on Himalayan Dog Chew for over a week! They are definitely a great value for how long they last! Dogs of all ages and sizes can enjoy this eco-treat and owners can feel good because of its natural ingredients!

More reasons to ❤ Himalayan Dog Chews:

-All Natural

-No Chemicals / Preservatives

-Lactose free / Grain Free / Gluten Free

-Long Lasting

To shop online or find more info. on these eco pet treats, visit the official website: www.himalayandogchew.com


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