Giving Back: Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs

Today’s Giving Back highlights a hard-working charity, dedicated to helping provide trained canine companions for the disabled. Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs is committed to changing lives through connecting loyal service animals with those in need.

buddyatpanpoint*Approx. 20% of our population, over 52 million in the U.S., suffer from mental or physical disabilities that prevent them from participating in normal, routine activities.

*Dogs are trained and fostered to provide assistance for medical watch and physical tasks. After passing training and education courses, Guardian Angel Service Dogs are then placed in a forever home where they will be making a difference in the daily life and spirit of a person in need.

*Guardian Angel Service Dogs uses donations to rescue, raise and train service dogs.

How to help:

*Many different ways to donate – from $ to tax-deductible donations from donating used goods – Click the image below to find out more on how to donate!


Don’t forget to share the link on your own social media sites! By helping to spread the word about this unique non-profit, you can make a difference!


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