Pup-a-chino! Dog Inspired Latte Art

At EcoDog, we are not just fans of coffee…but fanatics! Living on the West Coast we get to enjoy the abundance of easy-access coffee drive-thus, endless amount of local roasters and delicious new concoctions whipped up by the neighborhood baristas!
Portland, Oregon, being a hub for the coffee trend, has opened up a whole new world of coffee exposure to me!

Latte art is one of my favorite surprises when you order your drink only to discover a hidden treasure! Enjoy it while it lasts though, your one of a kind art piece is about to be destroyed with your first sip! Most commonly seen in the “rosetta” or flower/leaf shaped pattern, or, sometimes your barista will get creative.  At one of my favorite Portland coffee shops, Random Order, I’ve gotten everything from a skull and cross bones to my favorite heart with wings (and a rosetta! ooo!).

If you aren’t yet familiar with Latte Art, we won’t blame your barista for being lazy ( perhaps just uninspired?).
EcoDog dug up a few fun and inspiring animal-themed latte art pieces to help inspire your Monday!

Want to try your own hand at latte art?
Visit the websites below for some tricks and tips on how to create your own special designs!

RateMyRosetta.com – “How to Make Latte Art; Tutorials”

CoffeeGeek.com – “Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates”

Ehow.com – “How to Pour a Rosetta: Latte Art”


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