Parsley for Pups – Natural Herbal Benefits

foodiesfeed.com_homemade-chicken-broth-vegetables1Parsley is often a staple on the side to brighten & decorate main dishes, appetizers – but it is simply just for looks? Of course not! Parsley contains many vital nutrients that can be a beneficial addition to any diet – human or animal!

*Parlsey is rich in vitamin A, C, folic acids & antioxidants

*A natural anti inflammatory helps arthritis & swelling

*Also helps lower blood pressure & prevent bad breath

-> How to get natural benefits from parsley: -Add fresh chopped parsley (1-2x wk) to food (or) -Steep and serve as tea (1/2 tsp 3-4xday) 

*Parsley Tea recipe: -Boil 4 c water, remove from heat -Add 4 large tsp full of fresh, chopped parsley -Let steep 20 mins -Strain, & drink hot or cold


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