Potty-Training Puppies with Bells

My pup was pretty quick to potty train but I couldn’t have done it without the help of my training bell! What a simple solution, it actually started because of myfront door decor!

Training Door Bells (CanineKingdomOK, $15+)

I had a string of colorful, stuffed fishies with a gold bell on the end-  Before I knew it, after only about a week of house-training, my dog – the young pup, was “ringing the bell” instinctively when he pawed at the door.  It must have realized the ringing got my attention and I realized I had found my solution to indoor accidents!

il_570xN.352250810EcoDog Blog, as always, has found a few handmade & eco-friendly options when it comes to training bells.If you’re trying totrain a young pup or troublesome dog, I would highly recommend adding a doggie bell to your door!
il_570xN.726093023_tlns->I guess if you really want to get down to it…house-training your pup faster can save you paper towels/cleaning products, and ultimately, keeps you on track to staying green!! 

What are your potty-training tips for puppies? Share in the Comment section!


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