Pup-a-chino! Dog Inspired Latte Art

At EcoDog, we are not just fans of coffee…but fanatics! Living on the West Coast we get to enjoy the abundance of easy-access coffee drive-thus, endless amount of local roasters and delicious new concoctions whipped up by the neighborhood baristas!
Portland, Oregon, being a hub for the coffee trend, has opened up a whole new world of coffee exposure to me!

Latte art is one of my favorite surprises when you order your drink only to discover a hidden treasure! Enjoy it while it lasts though, your one of a kind art piece is about to be destroyed with your first sip! Most commonly seen in the “rosetta” or flower/leaf shaped pattern, or, sometimes your barista will get creative.  At one of my favorite Portland coffee shops, Random Order, I’ve gotten everything from a skull and cross bones to my favorite heart with wings (and a rosetta! ooo!).

If you aren’t yet familiar with Latte Art, we won’t blame your barista for being lazy ( perhaps just uninspired?).
EcoDog dug up a few fun and inspiring animal-themed latte art pieces to help inspire your Monday!

Want to try your own hand at latte art?
Visit the websites below for some tricks and tips on how to create your own special designs!

RateMyRosetta.com – “How to Make Latte Art; Tutorials”

CoffeeGeek.com – “Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates”

Ehow.com – “How to Pour a Rosetta: Latte Art”


Solution for Tired Feet – Heated Massager Review

It’s no denying that a lot of us live busy lifestyles and after a long day, no doubt your *dogs* get tired! Yes, we are usually talking about canines but today we mean *FEET*! 🙂 Who doesn’t love the feel of a good foot massage or a nice warm soak to soothe tired feet?

There is lots of evidence that our feet have pressure points that when massaged, reflect on other parts of our bodies, therefore increasing overall health. Not only is there science behind why it’s good for you – it just plain feels *great*!

With the new year here, I’ve been running my fair share of errands and it seems like the list keeps growing! It’s nice to know that when I come home, I can take just 15 minutes out of my day and give myself some much needed pampering / relaxation.

Read more about the benefits of massage on these helpful sites:

*Foot Massage Benefits from Livestrong

*Get In Touch with Benefits of Massage from Mayo Clinic


I’m a fan of the  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager! It’s not your average foot massager – a higher end model with a modern lookseveral modes and a heat function as well. It has several different rollers that rub your feet in all the right spots (instead of just one massager rolling back and forth). Each mode lasts for 15 minutes and you can easily use while watching tv, on the computer or just lounging back and taking a few minutes to yourself and enjoy it!!

The  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager also compresses your feet at certain points, giving the right amount of pressure and then releasing. It’s something different and what I think sets it apart from other foot massagers as well.

The heat function is nice but I wish it got a little bit warmer. One trick I’ve found that is an easy solution is to “pre-heat” but turning on the heat function before you turn on the massage and then it’s nice and warm for you. (Otherwise, you don’t really feel the heat until the end of the massage and it feels so good, all you’re wanting is more!)

Unknown-1The  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager is also great for feet of all sizes. The pressure of massage is also adjustable so if you like more or less pressure that’s an option too. Another nice perk is the removable/washable cover – so I’ve let a few different friends try it to get their opinion too. It’s got great reviews from everyone who’s tried it and it’s funny watching people practically fall asleep, so relaxed, while using it!

Shop Online for the Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager !


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SeaSnax Eco-Treat Review

Today’s Daily Dig is a healthy snack (for humans) – SeaSnax! Once again, I’m featuring a human-friendly snack for all of my eco-conscious pet owners looking for their own healthy “treat”!SSX-02022-1

SeaSnax are a roasted seaweed snack that will satisfy your need for something to *crunch*! A light and crunchy snack, SeaSnax offers a variety of flavors a few different styles.

*Chompersz are a great introduction into the world of seaweed snacks! If you’ve never tried seaweed before, start with this! Chomperz blends a crispy rice flour with a flavored seaweed inside for a nice alternative to greasy chips!

*SeaStix are a light and thin seaweed snack that is made for irrestitable snacking! I found these have a stronger flavor than the Chomperz, so beware these do have a slight seaweed flavor to them.

SSX-02042-1->Although I am not as big a fan of the SeaStix, two of my friends finished off the bag and deemed them dangerously good! It’s all personal preference but the Chompers are still my favorite! 🙂

….More reasons to ❤ SeaSnax:

-Low calorie

-Rich in natural vitamins/minerals –  iodine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium

-Non GMO

For more information on where to Buy SeaSnax – visit their official website: www.seasnax.com

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

Bamboosa Giveaway Winner!

And now……the Winner of our Bamboosa Giveaway is………….



Lisa won Bamboosa’s sustainable & incredibly soft Sleepwear slip, along with a eco-gift for baby too – a 3pk of baby burp cloths!image

image*Thank you to everyone who entered & don’t forget to check back frequently on the blog & visit our current Giveaway page for more chances to Win! 🙂

And another Thank You to BAMBOOSA for hosting this great eco-giveaway! The Bamboosa line is Made in the USA from eco-sustainable – bamboo! Visit the Bamboosa website for more info & last minute holiday ordering!! 🙂 www.bamboosa.com

Eco-Treat: MammaChia Review

*Vitality, Energy, Strength*

This Daily Dig is an eco product I couldn’t be more excited to share! While I have to admit, I absolutely love a sugary-sweet dose of caffeine, I try and opt. for a healthier energy boost over the high calorie latte or energy drinks.image

Since first trying the MammaChia Squeeze pouches, I have now found my morning, afternoon, anytime pick-me-up! Those who know me, know what a sweet tooth I have. I love fresh fruit juice and could easily drink a large bottle myself everyday. I try and hold back from overdoing my sweet tooth and MammaChia helps satisfy that craving. I don’t think I could pick a favorite but I really like the Strawberry Banana and also the Blackberry Bliss….Coconut Mango is also delish! Who am I kidding….I love them all! 🙂

MammaChia helps remind you that there are healthy alternatives – that taste great. If you’ve never tried chia, I highly recommend it!

Benefits of Chia: Balance blood sugar; High in fiber; Omega 3 Natural weight loss-stay full longer; Energy boost

MammaChia Squeezes not only contain healthy chia seeds but also a mix of natural fruit purées.

More reasons to ❤ MammaChia:

-Gluten Free


-Good source of Fiber, Omega-3

To find out where to purchase MammaChia or get more product info., visit their official site online at: www.mammachia.com

My Holiday To-Do List

Today I’m sharing a more personal post and sharing a journal of thoughts about my upcoming holiday to-do list. With the holidays in full swing it’s easy to get overwhelemed! I’m definitely a list person but this year I haven’t even begun to write it all down.

While the first weekend after Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times to get a 71K81gtVvfL__SL1500_holiday tree, that is one important thing that is still on my to do list! I’m a traditionalist and like to have a real tree – the fresh green smell far overweighs my poor husband’s time of trial and error, trying to lug the tree in and then get it to stand *just right*. With pets, I of course opt. for break-proof ornaments. They make shatter-proof ornaments in a lot of stylish, modern designs now too and it’s a lot more pet friendly! Any important ornaments that I have, go towards the top of the tree where the cats are less likely to grab them to play!

Another task on the holiday to-do list is obviously…..holiday shopping! I’ve been trying to get a gift now and then to ease the burden of spending as well as the time/thought of finding the perfect gift. This year, my family is focusing on less material presents and more 15935_103056879714870_100000316746306_73831_4087858_nexperiences“. I recently got married (last July) and am still overwhemled by the amount of home goods I got and certainly don’t need any more wine glasses! Instead, a nice dinner out or tickets to a special event or outing is what’s on my list and I’m trying to remember that as well when getting gifts for others.

Finally, besides all of the little decorations, there is the all important task of – holiday baking! A tradition in my family is making holiday chocolate covered pretzels – which is a simple a fun holiday to do for the whole family, everyone can get involved! Have somesprinklesone dip & someone else top them off with sprinkles! 🙂 Along with chocolate covered pretzels, I’m planning on baking cookies for a Bake Sale that benefits a local charity, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Last time we had a Bake Sale at our office, we raised over $400 and I’m excited to be a part of an event for a great cause! I’m thinking some sort of gingerbread cookie….or maybe classic snickerdoodle!

Share your holiday to-do in the Comment on this blog post! Are you finished with holiday shopping? Do you have a tree – real or fake? What’s your favorite holiday cookie? Share in the Comments below

Free Giveaway from Bamboosa! Ends 12/9 – Adult Sleepwear Slip & 3pk Baby Burp Cloths

(Bamboosa & EcoDog Blog are hosting a GiveAway!! Contest ends 12/9/14, Winner will be announced on 12/10/14. Details below.)

Soft, supple, organic, sustainable.

Bamboo is an eco-forward material and is showing up all over the green community. Bamboosa is at the top of our list in leaders for their line of bamboo/sustainable clothing and is an hot eco company to watch.

There is nothing more appealing than picking up something and feeling a fabric that is silky and smooth to the touch – and knowing that you are supporting an eco conscious company as well.

Bamboosa focuses on clothing that is “Soft on You, Easy on the Earth”. Another bonus – Made in the USA!

With the holidays right around the corner, our top picks are:

3 pk Baby Burp Cloths


Hooded Towel, for kids


Sleepwear slip, for Adults


Lap Log – Ipad / Tablet holder


Bamboosa and EcoDog Blog have partnered together in a fun holiday giveaway! 1 lucky winner will get to sample the luxurious bamboo products by Bamboosa!

->Winner will receive: (1) Sleepwear Slip & (1) 3-Pack of Baby Burp Cloths

TO ENTER: Fill out the Form with your Name, Email Address & Comment with your favorite item from bamboosa.com !

*Contest ends 12/9/14, midnight PST. (Winner will be announced on 12/10/14 and has 48 hours to respond in order to claim prize.) Good luck!

For Shopping Online and more info. about the Bamboosa, visit their main website at:  www.bamboosa.com

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)