Halloween Pet Safety Tips

blackcatHalloween can be an exciting time to celebrate creativity and the changing of the seasons. Okay, and let’s not forget the candy!! When celebrating this spooktacular howl-iday, make sure you keep some helpful tips in mind when it comes to your furry friends:

*Offer a shelter from loud noise: Halloween can be filled with ringing doorbells, squealing kids and loud party-goers. Give your pets a safe shelter in a spare bedroom or crate/kennel for anxious animals.

*No chocolate: As much as your adorable pets might beg- do not let them consume any chocolate! Chocolate and other candies can be harmful for pets and especially if they eat the wrappers too!

*Dress-up in moderation: While some animals don’t mind wearing a costume, for others it can cause stress and anxiety. Be considerate of your pets personality and if you decide to dress them up, make sure they are comfortable, confident and not restricted of movement.

*Reflective gear: Make sure you and your four-legged friends are visible – Carry a flashlight, glow stick and/or wear reflective patches on your costume/jacket.

For more helpful Halloween tips, visit the following recommended links:




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Eco-Treat: Veggie-Go Review

imageToday I’ve dug up a tasty treat to feature for health-conscious humans looking for a sweet snack alternative! Veggie-Go’s are a naturally sweet snack, no sugar added, for on-the-go, at home or office – anytime of the day!

(*This is not a pet treat and is only recommended for human consumption.)

->1/2 serving of fruit; 1/2 serving of vegetables

->Made in USA

->Gluten Free, Dairy Free

->USDA Organic, Non GMO

Flavors include: Sweet Potato Pie, Cinnamon Spiced Beet, Carrot Ginger, Mountain Berry Spinach

*I think Sweet Potato Pie is my favorite flavor of Veggie-Go’s. It’s got the right amount of spice and the ingredients are sweet potato, apples and spice. That’s it. Really. :) It’s something you can feel good about snacking on and why wouldn’t you want the 1/2 serving of fruit and veggies? I know I need to sneak in veggies anywhere I can! Both my husband and I love these, making them a great all ages snack too!

 *Lunchbox, sports practice, afternoon snack

*On the go, travel, office or school

image->Planning for a holiday or birthday? Make a gourmet gift basket and include Veggie-Go’s as a sweet surprise! :)

Shop Online for Veggie-Go’s: www.nakededgesnacks.com/products

*They even offer bags of “ends and bits” on their website!

 Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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Choosing a Pet Sitter

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be planning on traveling, and that doesn’t always include bringing along your four-legged friends. A popular alternative to kennel boarding is at-home pet care. When choosing a pet-sitter, take a few extra steps to help ensure you’ve found the right sitter for your pet!

*Pre-interview on the phone:

-Verify experience, ask for references

-Confirm availability and a back-up in case of emergencies

*Schedule a time to meet:

-Introduce your pet and sitter

-Let your sitter know how they should be spending their time: walking, feeding, grooming, playtime, cleaning, etc.  (This ensures your expectations will be clear.)

*When you leave:

-Leave a set of spare keys and extra set hide-a-key

-Disclose any important pet medical history and vet. contact information

-Store food and supplies in a central location

-Write down helpful phone numbers/contact info.

Helpful links for finding a pet-sitter:





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Eco Chew Toy: Mountain Dog Antler Chews

Today’s Daily Dig is an eco-friendly dog toy that is fitting for the Fall season! Naturally shed antlers provide a fantastic eco-alternative to rawhide bones.

Mountain Dog Chew Treats offers a wide range of “America’s Best Antler Chews”! From petite to mammoth – you are sure to find the perfect chew toy for your canine companion! (Made with GradeA+ Elk antler, the highest quality you can get.)9_GROUP_elkantler_chew_group_web__96502_1405448122_320_320

*First time trying antler chews? Why not opt for the “chef’s choice” of their offerings, the “Combination Chews”. This multi-pack gives you a chance to try a few of the favorites!


*3_SMALL_CENTERCUT_SPLIT_elkantler_chew_rev_11web__42035_1405447687_166_166Center cut chews offer a way for puppies and dogs alike to enjoy the nutrient-rich bone marrow in the center of the chew.





*Have a big dog? The whole mammoth is the way to go! Your lucky pup will have a fun time working on this tasty chew! Long-lasting & durable!


*Contains natural minerals and nutrients

*No odor


*Won’t splinter or stain

Visit their main Mountain Dog website for more FAQ.

 Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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Trend Watch: Fall Orange


Chevron fabric catnip mouse (Mauve Moose, $5.50)

Cat toy – Gold fish “crackers”  (misohandmade, $15)

Orange 10″ Big Daddy Dog Ball (UnbreakoballDogToys, $28.99)

Durable Feather Cat Toy (RedCatPetBeds, $8)

Halloween Cat Collar  (MadebyCleo, $14)

Rolled Leather Dog Leash (Collar Direct, $14.99+)

Organic Catnip “Leaves” (MauveMoose, $9)

Colorful Playset (PlushPomPupPicks, $12)

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EarthBath Review – Eco Conscious Grooming

No matter what season it is – healthy grooming habits are important all year round! Whether you’re worried about fleas and need a soothing shampoo to help – or maybe you need to clean up a dirty paw or two with waterless grooming foam or wipe!

foam-cat-tea-lgEarthbath is an eco-conscious company, made in the USA with human-grade ingredients! Eco-safe grooming options for both dog and cat (and horse!) – Earthbath offers a totally natural clean for your four-legged friends!

Cats & Dogs:

*Shampoo – Natural essences like oatmeal, aloe & vitamin E

*Grooming Foam – Waterless grooming

*Grooming Wipes – Moist wipes with Hwaiian awapuhi extract, aloe vera & vitamin E; no alcohol or lanolin

*Specialty Wipes – Extra gentle, specialized wipes for ears, eye and facewipes-cat-hypo-lg

->I know the Grooming Wipes would be extra helpful with my two cats! If they ever get dirty it’s from stepping in something – and it’s no fun trying to clean a cat’s paw! They can squirm and certainly don’t want to have a full bath for a quick clean-up, so I can see the Grooming Wipes coming in handy!

 Just for Dogs:

*Deodorizing Spritz – Coat conditioners, vitamin E and oatmeal keeps your pup fresh between bathing

*Just for Puppies – Mild & tear-freewipes-travel-hypo-lg

*On the Go – Travel wipes for on-the-go and road trips

->Every dog owner can use some extra on-the-go packs! Treat yourself or a great stocking stuffer for pet owners!


*Soothing, Fly-repelling shampoo

*Conditioning shampoo with spf 50

How often do you bathe your dog? How about your cat? Leave your answer in our Comment section!

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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Heated Pet Beds – K&H Review

As Fall approaches, the cool weather blows in and we all start to bundle up. As Autumn takes its toll – it’s important to remember your furry friends! Keep cozy this Fall and Winter with pet bedding and heated mats from K&H. Eco-friendly options are of course important to us when we feature products and K&H has fit the bill of effective, eco-forward and affordable. Browse our top picks for fall shopping or plan ahead for the pet-lover on your holiday list!thermo-kitty-hut-swatch

*Thermo Kitty Hut Heated Cat Bed

I hate to start with the show-stopper but I couldn’t resist! WOW! My cats would absolutely LOVE this design! It’s a heated cat hut & I can just imagine the two of them taking turns curled up on this fuzzy kitty haven!


*Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Heated Dog Bed

Lucky pups can choose from options like the Thermo Snuggly Sleeper and the Quilted Thermo Bed.


Both are soft yet durable and perfect for cool weather or a great way to relax tired muscles!


K&H offers quite a few options for heated cat beds and I’m so impressed I had to share a few more


*Kitty Sill Cat Bed


*Thermo Kitty Cuddle Up Heated Cat Bed

Outdoor Cat?


*Cat Outdoor Heated Kitty House

*Outdoor Heated Kitty A-Frame Cat Bed-House


Does your pet live indoors, outdoors or both? Share your answer in our Comments!

 Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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