Trend Watch: Fun with Feathers

Feathers are an obvious play-time favorite for cats but we’ve dug up a few fun finds for your pooch too! Enjoy this mix of eco-friendly feather fun toys! Follow the links to shop online or find more info.

For your feline friends -

 ~*~ Tamboo Flyers ~*~1

*Option to shop for toys by color

*Made with tamboo – long, natural tapered bamboo fiber

*Avg 6 ft long for safe play

-> They even have a video!

(by CatTamboo)

 ~*~ Kitty Lure Caster  ~*~2

*Kitty lure & kitty lure caster; wispy feather body

*Nylon cord w/loop closure for interchangeable lures – pole 2′, cord 6′

*Made in Montana, USA

(by WestPawDesign)

3   ~*~ Crinkle ball with Feathers  ~*~

*Crinkle ball with feathers – activates your pets natural hunting instinct

(by Kong)


 ~*~ Backyard Bird  ~*~4

*Bird toy with feathers; interactive – features a fun squeaking noise

 (by OurPets)


Doggy designs & fun with feathers -


 ~*~ Fall Feather Dog Collar  ~*~

Handmade in Virginia, USA.

(by restowe)

 ~*~ Variety Pack – Game bird wings  ~*~

For the sporty pup -

5*Game bird wings (grouse, pheasant, quail – variety pack)

*Wings contain no preservatives

->Attach the wing to dummy & do not let dog chew on wing

6Retriever training dummy

*Sportdog lucky dog regular dummy – soft rubber; weight & buoyancy can be adjusted; for training retriever pups 6 mos & up


For the fashionista pup -

img-feathering-options-b ~*~ PetExpressions  ~*~

*Avail. for puppies 12 wks & older


*Long-lasting, can be left on for bathing & brushing but easily removed

*Seasonal & color options available, $10+

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Photo Share Friday

While this may be the EcoDog Blog, I currently live with two of the coolest cats there could be – Rascal and Bruce Wayne.
Rascal is a nine year old grey striped tabby. He was free from a family home and he was a sturdy 4 months old when I adopted him. We were more of a dog family growing up, so this was my first cat on my own and I’ve raised him like a small dog. He’s amazing. And extremely tolerant. If you want to nap for two hours on the couch, he’s the guy to lay and snuggle with you the entire time.

Bruce Wayne is a rescue from our local human society. He was about 3 lbs. when we first got him and now he’s just over 2 years old. Bruce is just as friendly as Rascal but a little more independent, not quite a snuggler, still the kitten that wants to play with – everything.


Like I said though, they are both pretty sweet….& spoiled!


(yes….that’s Bruce Wayne, tucked himself under the covers in our bed – after I had made it for the day of course!)


(& Rascal can be found on the couch about 85% of the day. Blankets optional)

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Soft & Stylish Bamboo Collars for Kitty & Pooch

As many know by now, bamboo is a fantastic eco-alternative fiber – used in variety of green friendly items including from a bamboo keyboard & wireless mouse …. to deodorant ….to socks!

Bamboo lends itself as a great multi-tasking fiber, with many benefits such as:

*Naturally anti-bacterial, even after washing & getting wet

*Green & biodegradable

*Naturally cool & breathable fabric – doesn’t stick during hot weather

I started digging up green pet products featuring bamboo & these are of my favorites! They are the stylish pet collars made by bambeco! At bambeco, they focus on “sustainable living with style” and they hit the mark with these bold & bright collars for both kitty and pooch!



One of my favorite things about these collars is the natural sheen of the bamboo. Bamboo is incredibly soft and it all comes down to science. The bamboo fiber is extremely smooth, adding to the shiny look and comfortable, soft finish.

Need a matching leash? Bambeco’s got you covered!



Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

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Meow Monday: Inspiration for the Week

To start the week off, I’m sharing a few fun cat & dog related quotes for inspiration! Enjoy!

“Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” ~ Anonymous

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” ~ Ben Williams

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”~ Mahatma Gandhi

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” ~ George Elliot

     “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ~ Martin Buber

And just because I couldn’t resist….a quick vid of an adorable duo, a cat & it’s chihuahua friend! Be sure to watch to the end!! (*video originally posted on youtube by ZachScott)

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How To: Trim Dog Nails

A quick trim is important for your pups grooming routine and if you want to save some $ then you can follow a few steps to trim your dogs nails at home!

Some dogs naturally “trim” their own nails by enough hard-surface contact, while others need some help to keep nails at a comfortable length.

#1 priority is making sure both you and your dog are comfortable and confident about the whole ordeal – while it is quick and painless for your dog, they can often be squeamish to a new noise/sensation but make sure you stay focused and steady!

Watch the video below for a great demo on trimming your dogs nails with both clippers and a grinder. (Video previously posted by SceneItB4 on YouTube)

->Remember, if you have a young puppy, trimming its nails now can get it more comfortable and used to the experience. With all things in pet training, even like walking on a leash or riding in the car, it can take time, patience and practice!

QUESTION: Do you trim your dogs nails or bring your dog to a groomer?  Leave your answer below in the Comments!

**Personally, even though both of my dogs are calm enough to stand for me trimming their nails, I opt not to trim either one!  My Weimaraner, Buddy, gets plenty of running and has always managed to have well-manicured nails. While my lab mix Lily, on occasion will get a quick trim from me, but generally only needs a trim about every 6 months and then I choose to pay the $5 at the local groomer. ;)


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Introducing Dog and Cat

Even if you’ve been a pet owner before, you know that every animal behaves differently. When introducing animals of different species, there are a few things you can do to make things go smoothly.

Introducing Dog and Cat:
*Cats can have a mind of their own and quick reaction time. Concentrate on controlling your dog and watching it’s movement or behavior signs.

*Only introduce a dog that you know will listen to your commands and has your respect. A puppy can, out of playfulness and instinct, accidentally hurt a cat or kitten.

*A great tip to introduce a shy kitty to it’s new K9 friend, is by scent training. Take an old blanket, towel or even a plush toy, and use it for a day or two, then toss in the room with your cat. Your cat will become curious and then more comfortable with the scent of the dog.

->Proof that all animals can get along….& hope for humans too! Watch the video below (originally posted Youtube, bisonfilms):

QUESTION: What are your tips for introducing cat and dog? Any personal success/ failure stories? Share below in the Comment section!

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Fresh Finds: FDA Approved Treat Canisters

When storing even my own food or treats, I certainly think about the eco-safety of the material/container I’m using and it’s no different when I think of my pups too!

Plastics can leach harsh chemicals into your pets food and with today’s advancements in eco-friendly materials, there’s no reason you can’t find an option to fit both your style and budget!

Some of the top eco-approved materials used in todays storage containers include: Glass, Bamboo, Recycled Plastics and other Recycled materials.  Get creative – some of the top eco-friendly storage containers have been sitting around your house for a long time! Consider filling mason jars or “upcycle” an old pasta jar into a fun, eco-friendly treat jar!

 As the EcoDog blogger and healthy treat advocate, I’ve dug up several option for eco-safe storage for dog food & treats!

Dog Treat Canister Bon Chien Good Dog

Dog Treat Canister Bon Chien Good Dog

FDA approved treat container by "Harry Barker"

FDA approved treat container by "Harry Barker"

Woodland Treat Jar

Woodland Treat Jar

Bamboo food sack with zip lid

Bamboo food sack with zip lid

Want to make your own?  Head to the craft store and grab some puff paint or glass enamel paint & create your own style!  Add some fun paw prints, dog bones or your lucky pup’s own name!

Get creative with an old container & make your own treat jar!

Get creative with an old container & make your own treat jar!

Don’t forget to hop on over to the EcoDog shop to fill up your treat jars!


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